Health & Hygiene ~ COVID19 Precautions

Just a quick note to ensure our customers

both your health and ours matters!!!

I  have created a strict process for receiving & handling stock & orders  plus a new strict NONCONTACT procedure for order delivery and returns. 

  • All stock, returns or items are sprayed with antibacterial spray & left to air dry before entering property. 
  • Local delivery is left in a safe place at your front door.  I will knock or ring the door bell & leave.  You will receive a 'ORDER DELIVERED' notification. 
  • Returns~ I ask you leave this at your door in packaging (when pickup organised) I will collect your order & contact you for the next steps. Alternatively please contact Mack Maree Clothing to organise return postage or drop off details.  On drop off you will be required to leave in the labelled container and receiving processes will be followed. 

All surfaces & equipment used during our normal operations are cleaned & disinfected regularly & between orders. 

We are sure you understand why the above procedures have been put in place.  
Thankyou for your support & understanding 
Please stay safe, healthy & help stop the spread.
x Erin 
Owner Mack Maree Clothing